Brigitta Tummon

Raus Yoga er svært glad for å kunne tilby yogaklasser med Brigitta, svært erfaren yogalærer i yogametoden Iyengar Yoga. Brigitta, opprinnelig fra Nederland, har undervist i yoga mer enn 40 år og drevet eget yogastudio i Cape Town (Sør-Afrika) siden 1990. Hun flyttet til Norge og Bærum i 2019. 

Brigitta is a Senior Iyengar teacher and gives classes from the beginner’s level through to training other teachers. She moved to Oslo in 2018 from Cape Town where she ran a big yoga studio and was deeply involved with the South African Iyengar Yoga Institute.

From the very beginning Brigitta has been an Iyengar Yoga student, with practice an important part of her life. She met BKS Iyengar in 1976 and has been inspired by his teaching ever since. Both as a student of yoga, as well as a teacher, she is forever learning.

Brigitta has been teaching youga more than 30 years and is still passionate to walk with her students and others on this path and share the beauty of yoga. She has her own home page

Brigitta teaches Iyengar yoga, morning class on Tuesdays and Thursdays.